So my first blog post is about something ending which is…noteworthy or ironic or something?

War in America is a play written by the mindbogglingly fantastic Jo Clifford and thanks to her, Susan Worsfold and the Attic Collective I got to perform in it last week in the old Royal High School building on Regent road in Edinburgh.

It was truly one of the best experiences of my career and- in fact- life so far and I am sad that it has had to end. However everyone I got to work with from the creative team, to the Front of House team, to those who tirelessly made the space fit to perform in, to my fellow performers were truly spectacular and I think we put together something pretty special.

Theatre is truly a team effort and never has this been so clear to me as in this show!

Here are some reviews!

I’m keeping this short and sweet because it’s honestly hard to put into words how much this experience has meant but I’m so glad people found it engaging and that we got to perform in such a glorious space!

Immy x