So I’ve been pretty bad about updating things recently, so to try and start the year as I mean to go on, I have a nice bunch of photographs and info about what I have been doing over the winter break! I will now collect them into a blog before your very eyes!

First of all, Happy Hogmanay all!

Second of all I was lucky enough to spend some of my November and December working with the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity and the Festival and Kings theatres in a project called Panto Presents! I got to go and visit some lovely people and present our show ‘Buttons’ Christmas Wish,’ alongside the amazing team that made it possible!!

Working on this project was honestly so wonderful, kind of emotional and fantastic. All the people I met at the hospital were really stellar; the staff, patients and visitors alike. Thank you all for such a wonderful Panto experience!

Suddenly 2018 arrived!

This month I shot for a short film with honestly the best bunch of people. The crew and cast were so talented and wonderful and together we filmed in a few locations around Paisley for a week or so. It was truly inspiring to be around people who really care about their craft and work together so extemely well.

There was a camera floating around during the shoot and a couple of the guys got some great photos (and I got a quick shot of the cast) so I have some wee images too!

(I’m going to tentatively credit the above images to Tom Alner and/or Jesko Pszenny)

So here we have some quick updates! I’m really proud of the work we’ve done on these projects and now, because I don’t know how to finish blog entries I will just finish this entry!

Much love!