So at last I update again and so long after I swore to be better. The truth is that if I updated weekly it would mostly be me highlighting scripts, eating salad out of the bag and weeping at the new Queer Eye….BUT I DIGRESS. I have done a few bits and bobs since last time I wrote on this blog.

First of all I’d like to mention Twelve Twelve Theatre, a Edinburgh based theatre company that in some part involves quite a few of the people who I worked alongside in the Attic Collective. I’ve been involved in a small capacity with them so far but hope to be more so in future. They are doing a bang up job encouraging people at their monthly Monolab event and putting some truly wonderful work out there too! Follow them on twitter @TheatreTwelve.

SO in February, as part of the Formation Festival (and taking place in the Roxy), I performed with my long time pals at Some Kind Of Theatre in their original piece “The Grandmothers’ Grimm.” You can have a look see at some images in my gallery but here’s a couple to illustrate the kind of high octane silliness! Photos by my dear friend Fiona Knight.

During Spring this year I also continued my involvement in student films in a project by Sam van Zoest called ‘Proxy,’ where I played Selene, a young woman who has to come to terms with the fact she is a clone when the original Selene shows up at her home. Both parts were played by me and the sweetest most cool human on the planet Cathy who played Selene when my mug wasn’t needed. There are a few shots of the production here taken by Glen Shepard, Stéphanie Ward and Armen Godjamanian.

To follow the film further it’s ‘Proxy Short Film’ on Facebook or you can follow Sam van Zoest on twitter or his website. I saw this last month at the student film screening at the Filmhouse alongside some fantastic work from the ECA students. It was however incredibly weird seeing my face super big.

Next I got to work with the majorly talented Catherine Exposito (@MissExposito) doing a wee excerpt of her John Byrne award winning play ‘Immaculate Correction,’ at the Scottish Humanists Society’s conference. Catherine is now directing the full play with the Kings Head Theatre in London (with a absolutely top notch cast) and it’s running this month from the 9th until the 13th of July so please go and see it if you’re based there!! But here are some pics of my wee attempt and a top q&a with Maggie Kinloch too!

(Thanks to the Scottish Humanist Society for access to these stunning pics)

So that pretty much brings us up til now! I’m currently rehearsing for two shows in the Edinburgh fringe this year so please follow me on twitter for updates and specifics and thank you if you take time to read my sparse blog!

Much love!